Grade 7 Pedagogy

Grade 7 is such an important year, and we take it very seriously at Mac. The transition to high school can be fun and exciting, but sometimes difficult. We help students with this transition by helping them develop organizational skills, make lasting friendships, and create life-long memories in their first year as part of the Mac family.

Our Grade 7 team is full of innovate educators, who are constantly collaborating and attending professional development workshops in order to make classes as engaging and meaningful as possible.


  • We are a Bring Your Own Device school, meaning that students are able to bring a digital device to the classroom if they wish. We use devices when they can help us learn, and other times we put them away when that makes more sense.

  • We've got hundreds of Chromebooks all over the school that you can borrow. So if you want to use your own device, great! If you would prefer to borrow a Chromebook, that works too! This makes it fair and equal, so all students at Mac will have access to a device whenever they are necessary.

  • We build the skills required for young people to use technology to learn and create. In Grade 7, students become mini-experts at navigating Google Classroom, collaborating on Docs and Slides, and researching relevant and reliable information online.

  • All teachers use Google Classroom, meaning that due dates, assignment information, and important content gets communicated to both students and their parents or guardians. You only have to go to one place to keep track of all seven of your courses!

Hands-on Learning

  • We all know that the best learning happens outside of a textbook. We aim to use a hands-on approach whenever possible. Sometimes that means we go outside of the classroom too. It's pretty common to see classes go outside around Mac Campus or the waterfront, spend a period in our beautiful new library, or use all sorts of tools down in the Robotics Lab!

  • Project-based learning makes learning more personal by giving students the freedom to choose what they explore and how they learn. We want Mac students to be able to solve real-world problems, and know that their voices matter and should be heard.

  • It is always fun when we can create cross-curricular learning opportunities between subjects. When students can transfer skills and ideas from one class to another it helps them see how themes connect, and better understand the world around them.

Local Community / Global Community

  • In the spring, our Grade 7 students will be introduced to the Design Thinking process, and are tasked with prototyping an idea to make schools more environmentally sustainable. This opportunity allows students to develop their problem-solving skills, empower their voices, and make their community a better place.

  • Our students interact with community members near and far. Whether it is a visit to local farms, learning from merchants in Ste-Anne-de-Bellevue, or attending a virtual meeting with scientists, activists, and artists from around the world; Mac students know that they play an active role in many different communities