“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.”
― Vernon Howard

Option Courses

Grade 9 and 11 students are able to choose option courses, based on their interests.
Check out the list below for more info on some of the courses we offer:

Advanced Biology

Interested in learning more about Biology? This course will explore numerous new topics and

some previously visited topics in more depth. Some topics include: Marine Biology, Genetics,

Bacteria & Viruses, and many others depending on students’ interests.

Art studio

Students will pursue more advance visual arts skills such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. Students will have autonomy in choices and will be give great opportunities for creative explorations.


Firstly, students are taught about safety, protocol, and general best practices in the kitchen. Not only will they learn how to prevent accidents and contamination, they'll also understand what to do when faced with these hazards! Eventually, the magic happens: students attempt to create culinary masterpieces under the watchful eye of their professionally trained culinary teachers. Feel free to help them with their homework by getting them to cook for the family!


Have you ever wanted to create your own video game or app?

Students in Computer class are introduced to the JavaScript programming language, and learn how to code their own simple apps. We also learn about how computers work, and explore current events related to the digital world.


Leadership is a program that is an option for grades 9, 10 and 11 students. The focus of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary for effective communication, leadership, and service to others in the school and community. It recognizes that the students must understand the concept of leadership and must be able to lead themselves before they can be an effective leader for others.

Students are selected for their strong leadership skills to design and run events throughout the school year. Everything from "Grade 7 Day" to "Spirit" assemblies in the Gym, these students do it all!


Media class is all about creativity! Students get to explore digital art and learn how to use image, video, and audio editing software to create their own digital masterpieces.


In order to better know ourselves and those around us, we should strive to understand our development, our social interactions, and the physiological elements that influence our behaviour.

The psychology course helps students learn about the biological bases of behaviour, human cognition and learning, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, social psychology and human motivation.

Come learn why we do the things we do!


¡Hola! Through discussion, writing, and reading, students in this option are introduced to the basics of the beautiful Spanish language.

Sports History

A fun class exploring history through sports. Early sports history (what our ancestors did for sports & leisure). We will discuss both Traditional and Nontraditional North American sports history, timelining major world events through sports. We will also cover how modern sports are changing from how they once were (strategies, equipment, technologies).

Sports Fitness

Sports Fitness is a program where students will gain an understanding that overall personal fitness is a lifestyle that includes not only training, but also diet and mental health. Students will be able to put together a personal fitness program that encompasses a variety of exercises and diet to meet their individual, specific fitness goals.

Yoga & Wellness

A movement class which focuses on the physical and mental wellness benefits of yoga. The class would always include a physical movement portion (to be taught in the dance studio) and occasional theoretical portions (history of yoga, anatomy, mental health and awareness, the effects of stress on our mind and body, how to thrive mentally and physically, nutrition and overall wellness).